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Our areas of expertise include:

Political consulting for candidates and ballot measures
TS&A has a reputation for organizing successful candidate and ballot measure campaigns throughout California.

Public opinion research
Successful strategies are based on solid public opinion research. We’ll make sure your campaign has a solid foundation of insightful, cost-effective research.

Radio, television, direct mail and digital
TS&A has been recognized by local and national trade groups for creative, effective and innovative mail, radio, television and digital advertising.

From analyzing poll results, identifying key targets, developing messages and images, to preparing timelines and budgets, TS&A creates a roadmap for success and then makes sure the campaign stays on track through Election Day.
Television and Radio Advertising
TS&A turns poll-tested messages into compelling television and radio advertising, and integrates that advertising into the overall campaign plan – resulting in successful, award-winning and memorable communications.
Direct Mail
Mail is still one of the most effective ways to target and persuade voters.  TS&A’s award-winning direct mail is always creative and visually stunning, cutting through the clutter and grabbing voters’ attention.
Online Communications
From traditional website development and maintenance to social media engagement, and from search engine advertising to pre-roll placements, TS&A makes sure your campaign fully utilizes online resources as part of a comprehensive plan to reach targeted voters.
Media Training
Professional advice and training to make sure your 15-second sound-bite always has maximum impact, and to hone your presentation skills for speaking engagements and debates so you inspire, inform and convince your audience.

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